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We are delighted to be adding another Program Coordinator, Sheila Tomlinson, for local and USA tours for 2018/19.  Our new offering will include lots of offers you all requested.   The trips for 2018 are described in the links below:

You may sign up for these tours or get more information by contacting Spirited Travel at 703-753-5364 or by emailing

Lastly, Program Coordinator, Jeannette Chabina will be escorting a 20 day journey for Oceania Cruise on the Nautica July 29th, 2018.  Departing Southampton England Round trip. See our Contact Us page  and leave your name for a call back.

  •  England  London (Southampton)
  •  Scotland, Edinburgh (Leith), Kirkwall (Orkney Islands)
  •  Between Scotland and Iceland
  •  Torshavn (Faroe Islands), Akureyri Isafjordur
  •  Greenland, Paamiut, Qaqortoq
  •  Iceland, Reykjavik overnight Reykjavik
  •  Ireland, Londonderry, Belfast, Dublin
  •  Great Britain ~ London (Southampton)

The following contains information about cruises happening from 2018-2019 for three different cruise lines.  If you are interested in any of these cruises, let us know on our Contact Us page.