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Delta Airlines has now raised their baggage fees.  To learn more,  click here.

The recent weather event in the Carolinas reminds us that Mother Nature can play havoc with your travel plans.  Can your travel agent help with this?  To find out the answer,  click here.



STEP is a free service that allows U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate (

You then will receive Travel Advisories from the embassies/consulates of your travel locations, alerting you to any demonstrations that might take place and other information that may be relevant to your visit. Plus, should there be some disaster in the city where you’ll be staying, the embassy/consulate will be aware that there is an American staying there and will be able to contact you.

After creating an account/profile on the website, register any planned travel in the “Add a Trip” section.

Under the Destination section, indicate your first overnight stop.

Under Purpose, an example would be “Flying from MIA-ATL-FCO and return. Traveling Apr.26-May 9 on Insight Coach Tour Rome-Venice and May 9-20 in Sicily.”

Then under Address section, indicate the name of the first hotel/or other location with the date on that same line. There’s a place for “Add Additional Address ” – enter all relevant information. If staying at a regular hotel, you may not need to put in a street address.

Be sure to include your e-mail address and cell phone number in the appropriate section.

Once home, go back onto the website and delete that trip.


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